The Threadbird Way

So many screen printers. Why should I choose Threadbird?

Why Print With Us?

We surveyed our customers and the feedback we received was overwhelming. We received a World-Class Net Promoter Survey rating. Read on to find out more about the Net Promoter Score and what this means for you!

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Customer Satisfaction & Product Quality

At Threadbird, we have made Customer Satisfaction & Product Quality our top priority. Very few of our competitors have surveyed their customers, let alone received the results we did. We have joined the ranks of some of the largest companies in our industry that understand the value of listening to you, the customer! How do we stack up? We rank higher than Nike, Ralph Lauren, Adidas and H&M, to name a few.

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What Are People Saying About Us?

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Why print with Threadbird? Well, we think we're the best. But, don't just take our word for it. See what some of our awesome customers have to say...

Clients fright rags
Threadbird is by far the best place we've ever had our shirts printed. I have no idea what is in their secret sauce, and I don't even care. Whatever it is, they make our designs look and feel amazing. Fright Rags
Clients machete
The most fast, friendly, professional print company we have experienced by far. From high quality prints to fast turn around times and exceptional customer service. Threadbird has gone above and beyond in helping us to provide the best products for the best prices to our customers year after year. Machete Premium Cuts
Clients walk in love
I have been doing business with Threadbird for over five years and they continue to provide excellent printing, service and pricing. They are my favorite vendor to work with and I love that they are always striving and working to get better at what they do. Anytime anyone asks me about shirts or printing I recommend Threadbird! They are the best! Walk in Love
Clients cherry sauce
We have tried out nearly a dozen printing companies over the past 5 years but as soon as we started printing with Threadbird we never looked back. The quality, pricing, and staff support has been nothing but amazing. Jason Soprovich of Cherry Sauce
Clients cloudflare
One of my favorite things about getting a shirt printed with Threadbird is that I always learn something new about screen printing. They're always willing to explain a quirk that applies to my particular design. It helps me understand what's best for the final product and for future projects. Kevin Wilson of Cloudflare

The Threadbird Way

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When it comes to t-shirt printing, not all companies are created equal. Printers come in all types and sizes and finding a great one can be harder than you think! From inexperienced "garage shops" with one manual press to experienced "industry shops" with 500-1000 shirt minimums, quality and price run the gamut.

So what does that mean when it applies to Threadbird? Whether you need 24 or 10,000 shirts, we work to get you the highest quality at a price you can afford. We call this "The Real Deal", an option for companies large and small that will fit exactly what you need.


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It's all part of the price. Be sure to ask your printer what kind of inks they use. Most printers default to plastisol that is laid on top of the fabric. For an additional charge, you can get a better quality print, but even then, the inks are thinned down causing them to look dull and muted. At Threadbird, we think premium printing should be the standard. We use a uniquely crafted style of printing through which a discharge underbase bleaches the color on the shirt, then use a soft blended top coat of inks resulting in an extremely soft, long-lasting print garnering rich, bright colors. After an initial wash, the inks get even softer and are barely felt to the touch. One thing to remember with this specialized process is that it only works with certain shirts and shirt colors. Please make sure to ask your Customer Account Specialist about your order if you have concerns.

This is not the only style of printing we have strived to master. Here are other ink options you’ll find at Threadbird!

  • Waterbase
  • Discharge
  • Plastisol
  • Foil
  • Metallic


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  • Threadbird equipment 4
  • Threadbird equipment 6


Threadbird uses top end automatic presses allowing us to print thousands of shirts with tight registration swiftly and efficiently. Many smaller shops use manual hand presses that are great for small orders but lack consistency and often times struggle with registration on more complex jobs. Automatic presses enable us to print higher volume, lowering the cost of printing on larger orders.


Screens vary widely from frames to mesh. Cheap screens can hurt quality with prints not lining up and/or loss of detail. It’s also very important to know and understand that not all screens are the same. Different inks require different screens and the tension of those screens will effect how the print comes out. At Threadbird, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort researching what screens and processes are going to deliver you the best quality product possible.

Mock Approvals

If you know anything about screen printing, you know a lot can go wrong. If you don’t know much about screen printing, the sheer thought of this can be pretty scary. It’s extremely important to feel good about your order and have a realistic grasp on what your shirts will look like when they arrive to you. Once your order is submitted and paid for, the art department prepares digital proofs, showing what the artwork looks like on an average sized shirt, ink colors, print size and will express any and all concerns that we may have. After your review, we correct any changes before printing begins. Nothing will ever go to press until you’ve signed off on your mockup.

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Your Orders Are Important to Us

Your prints are important to us. Feel free to reach out with any questions at printing [at] threadbird [dot] com. It's our goal to provide you with great service, top quality prints and affordable pricing. If you are still not sure what you want to do, drop us an email and we will gladly send you a print sample to see for yourself!