Apparel Printing Styles

Yes, there's more than one way to print a shirt.

About Our Inks & Processes

At Threadbird, our standard apparel printing style is called Premium Standard. In technical terms, we use a discharge underbase with soft hand inks on top. It's better than what you get by default with shirt printing anywhere else. But, you do have the option of choosing from any of the following shirt printing styles. Some restrictions apply. Read to find out more about our apparel printing styles, or send us an email.

Premium Standard

Threadbird printing premium standard style 3

A special hybrid style of shirt printing resulting in bright colors and soft prints. Learn more.

Discharge Printing

Threadbird printing discharge style

Discharge printing is a method of shirt printing using waterbase ink to achieve soft prints on dark shirts. Learn more.

Waterbase Printing

Threadbird waterbase apparel printing style

Similar to discharge printing, but for white and light garments. Super soft prints unite! Learn more.

Plastisol Printing

Threadbird plastisol apparel printing style

Plastisol printing is traditional screen printing at it's finest. Thicker, vibrant prints that sit on top of the shirt. Learn more.

Process Printing

Threadbird printing process printing style 3

Sometimes called Simulated Process, this is for full color images or photographs. Learn more.

Foil Printing

Threadbird foil printing

Sheets of foil are heat pressed on top of Plastisol prints to make your shirts pop! Learn more.