Halftone Screen Printing Warnings

Things to keep in mind while preparing your order.

Halftone Screen Printing

Warning: Loss of Detail

When the human eye is up very close to the halftone screen printed image, it will be able to see these tiny dots. Your image will lose some detail when printing with halftones.

What are halftones and when should I use this method?

Halftones are small dots blended in a printed design that vary in size and space to create the effect of smooth, full-color imagery. If your artwork contains gradients or complex detail (such as a photograph), halftones are a great solution.

  • Threadbird printing halftones art

    Original Artwork

  • Threadbird printing halftones print

    Printed Using Halftones

Can I save money by using halftones?

If you want to save money by simulating multiple colors - you have the option to use one color with halftones. Example: Use one red base color and by creating halftones on part of the image, it will look like you have both a dark red and light red.