Things to keep in mind while preparing your order.

Printing on Ribbed Garments

Warning: Absence of ink between ribbing

When a ribbed garment is pulled onto the press, it is not stretched out and the ink only lies on top of the “ribbed” part. When the shirt is worn, the material stretches and the ink pulls apart which exposes a gap between the ribbing that has no ink.

  • Threadbird printing ribbed garments before

    Print sits on top of "ribbed" fabric

  • Threadbird printing ribbed garments after

    When worn or stretched, gaps can be seen

Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

We can apply more pressure on the press to try to force the ink into the gaps, but this limits the amount of detail that is actually shown on the garment. Because of these issues, we strongly suggest that you do not print on ribbed garments.